How Exercise Can Provide Relief from Back Pain clustercomputing

Most individuals assume that resting entirely or choosing to be inactive can help in reducing pain and might also prevent it from occurring the next time. But our spines are designed to move. Contrary to popular belief, when you engage in exercise or other physical activities, your back actually benefits from it. It helps you in keeping back aches away. Getting the right massages such as the best European massage Dubai can also help in relieving your back pain. The movement during the massage helps the discs in between the vertebrae in exchanging fluids. This exchange also helps in providing the right nutrition to the discs. When these discs are healthy, they act like sponges, that is, they swell with water and also squeeze it out. Sometimes, the soft tissues around injured discs can swell. The sponge action also helps in reducing this swelling. In case there is no physical movement, the swollen muscles tend to aggravate, and the discs become even more malnourished.

Reasons Why Working Out Helps

Regularly moving your body and engaging in some physical activity is highly recommended by doctors across the globe as this movement helps in relieving pain. However, the debate on why exactly exercising works and how much of exercising is optimum has still not been settled.

Traditionally, most research has concentrated on the aforementioned reasons, that is, focusing on how exactly physical activities impact the spinal cord as well as the soft muscle around it. Apart from that, working out also strengthens the muscles surrounding the spinal cord as well as other back muscles which helps in providing support to the body. While these claims are partially supported by research, the exact reason as to why exercising helps in relieving back pain remains unknown.

Some research has also suggested that working out increases the threshold of bearing pain and eventually decreases sensitivity towards stimuli that might cause pain. This is because working out influences certain functions of the nervous system. The phenomenon has also been dubbed as “exercise-induced hypoalgesia.” A sample of adults who did not complain of any pain was used to conduct research and the results showed that just one session of a high-intensity exercise can result in pain relief effects for as long as half an hour afterward.

There are certain naturally occurring agents that help in relieving pain found within the nervous system and the circulatory system such as serotonin, endorphins, adrenaline, and nor-adrenaline. It has been found that exercising can trigger the release of these agents. They also help elevate one’s mood and not just in relieving pain. This is also beneficial as one’s feelings and thoughts can also influence pain.

Start Moving Today

You don’t need to start doing high-intensity workouts in order to reap the benefits. Any type of physical movement – cycling, running, dancing, or even moving around in the house at regular intervals instead of sitting all day long- can help alleviate the pain that you feel in your back. However, remember to consult your doctor, and form a treatment plan beforehand. Build a workout routine that truly suits the needs of your body and will help in reducing your back pain.


Back pain is one of the most common issues that most people are facing today. It is rarely caused by issues that are serious unless you are involved in some labor-intensive work. In most cases, back pains are a result of bad posture, sitting for too long or other simple strains and it should ideally be gone in a few weeks. Thus, exercising will ensure that the pain never starts and in case it does, then it will help in alleviating the pain quickly. Other than this, you can also schedule a spa day for yourself and your loved ones to keep back pain at bay. For this, you can contact one of the leading spa centers such as Elis Spa Massage center.

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